Living a Life of Fire : A Spiritual Book Revealing a True Life Story

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Imagine if God spoke to you right now, right where you are, and said you were going to preach in front of one million people one day. What would you do? Would you believe it or would you argue and say no way, not possible, I must be hearing some other voice!?

I think there are people all over the world that have heard God speak, great big ideas and dreams to them but they have not said YES.

Maybe they have not recognised His voice or they have been so scared of how it could happen, so they back off and stay the safe, controllable course.

Maybe they argue with God how they don't have the money, or the knowledge or the connections. Maybe they say yes I'll go but first let me bury my dead.

God rarely argues back – He wants you to just believe, ONLY BELIEVE Jesus said – all things are possible!

You need to have this great Christian book and learn by example

I want to share about one man that did not argue back to God but dared to believe that crazy things might be possible in his future.

His life story is filled with one miraculous step after another, growth by steps then growth by leaps and bounds.

His faith is a simple one. Take Jesus literally at his word. Accept that He loves all mankind and wants us all to be saved from death and destruction.

This man's name was Reinhard Bonnke.

In 1998 I had the privilege of being part of a meeting that was meant to be for pastors and leaders in Maseru, Lesotho. I was part of a group that had travelled from Australia to be part of Reinhard Bonnke's crusade.

According to his book, Living a Life of Fire: An Autobiography, 3000 people came to the Lord in that stadium and I still remember witnessing the power of God moving over the people.

Living a Life of Fire: An Autobiography

On the Saturday morning, this smaller gathering was held to encourage and equip Maseru's leadership to focus on the task of evangelism, to do it in the power of the Holy Spirit. Reinhard Bonnke laid hands and prayed for all of us that attended that day, the power of God came upon me and the rest of our group.

We have travelled to many nations since and witnessed for ourselves the saving, healing and life transforming power of the gospel.

But from that time Reinhard Bonnke went higher than anyone ever dreamed possible. In 1999 the door was opened for his ministry to return to Nigeria – a nation with a history of conflicts between christians and muslims.

In the year 2000 Reinhard Bonnke would preach in front of 1.6 million people, he would witness millions responding to the call to be saved by Jesus and the world would watch how miracles changed peoples lives forever.

He spent time with Governmental leaders and Church representatives from all over. By faith his ministry would organise massive wide-scale public events to preach the gospel, funded by business owners, believers and other organisations, all over the world.

People who, by faith, invested in the eternal work of the preacher that stands in the public square. These people think about the kingdom of God and work together to achieve incredible things, with those anointed people like Reinhard Bonnke.

Reinhard Bonnke, his legacy stands the test of time

December 7, 2019, one year ago, this wonderful man of God went to be with the Lord. What a legacy he has left behind.

When I think of him now I see him standing on a platform in front of so many people shouting ‘JESUS! In the name of JESUS!’ And the miracles breaking out all around.

It’s a loss for the world because I see very few that will do what he did. Few that take Jesus very literally when he says ‘the harvest is ripe, the labourers of few’.

I have to say, as impressive as the statistics are and the nations that Reinhard Bonnke has ministered to, the thing that has most touched my heart is his absolute trust, love and obedience to Jesus Christ. You discover it all in this book Living a Life of Fire.

The very simple nature of it is the lesson of this man's life. Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit has saved his life more than once, has healed the most incurable of people, has saved the most wicked of men and women and has changed the destinies of nations.

For those of us that think he must be a special person that God has made his favourite, I would tell you to go and read your bible. That just isn't so. God is no respector of persons. There are callings, gifts, areas we are directed to serve in but you, with Christ in you, are capable of incredible things.

There is nothing like a true Christian on all the planet!

Will you be next? Will you be inspired to say YES to God too?

All God asks of us is that we believe – ONLY BELIEVE.

Faith is not an easy thing when we like to be in control, when we think that we have to be self-sufficient and use our own wisdom.

Taking the road of faith can make you feel like a fool when everyone else tells you the logical way to do something but the proof is in the story of Reinhard Bonnke's life. Taking the road of faith is an adventure that never ends – it's tough, it requires tenacity and vision but the rewards are so great that every moment is worth it.

And on that day, when you stand before Him giving account for your life, you can say, Lord I believed you, and I served you in the gospel for the world!

I'd urge you to read this book. It's a book to savour. It's a book to dream over. It's a life to inspire you into what God can do when someone humbles themselves and says 'yes Lord'.

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