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Not only did I grow in my walk with the Lord but my direction in my business became clearer.

I explored some coaches out there, took 'free' courses and even had a consult with an overseas coach, however, it just didn't feel right. 

I met Sharryn at a conference a few years ago and felt she had something special to offer.  Some 3 years later (I wish I did it sooner) I contacted Sharryn. I was 'stuck', full of amazing ideas and possibilities.  I wanted to refine my business offerings but needed someone else to guide and challenge me. I had a million things to do!  So it was time for me to step out and into my own vulnerability. 

I had heard Sharryn speak with a conviction and authority about business and the things of God.  The focus on God was the key thing that led me to sign up with Sharryn. I also knew she was an experienced business woman and coach.

I knew I would be challenged and I need that to move forward.  I knew I might even be a little 'scared'.  LOL.  However, it was a 'good scared'. 

As I stepped into our coaching relationship,  I learnt so much about God and the Bible as the foundation of my business journey.  Not only did I grow in my walk with the Lord, but my direction in my business became clearer. 

I stepped out in faith guided and supported by Sharryn. I took action and things happened.

I continue on this business journey taking new skills and knowledge to grow my business successfully and in alignment to the things important to me.

~ Michelle Woszatka

Amanda's Testimonial

Her expertise is invaluable and her passion is contagious....

Sharryn has been my business and personal coach and mentor for the last 3 months. During that time, Sharryn coached me through setting my pricing for my services and setting up my first client meeting. She also spent many hours mentoring me on the structure and content of the business website I was building, and performed some of the setup tasks that I could not complete myself, due to my blindness.

On a personal level, Sharryn coached me on mindset, and asking for help. She also set me on a daily bible reading plan to help my knowledge of Jesus and my Christian growth.

I would highly recommend Sharryn to anyone who needs business, personal or Christian coaching, or help with setting up a business online. Her expertise is invaluable, and her passion is contagious.

~ Amanda Heal

Jacinta's Testimonial

I'm on track and excited again...

Thank you Sharryn, for your support and encouragement while working with me. I could feel my spirit soar as you cut through the crap and spoke just the Gospel truth to me.

Before we started working together I was feeling fragmented, fatigued and frustrated. Something had to give. I was feeling like God was pushing me to write, and lots of ideas were swirling around but other commitments along with confusion about how to proceed had paralysed me so I couldn’t move forward.

Now I’m writing regularly. I’ve sorted through my various options and set my priorities. Some things have been put on the back burner for now.

I’ve narrowed my focus to a point where I can move forward constructively.

I feel more focused and optimistic.. and more productive, no longer paralysed.

I’m on track and excited again about moving toward what I feel God has in store for me.

~ Jacinta Brown

Rachels Testimonial

My mindset turned around from 'I can't' to 'I CAN'...

Sharryn has been amazing….motivational, inspiring, honest and straight to the point!

I was vaguely aware of my shortfalls in business, Sharryn not only helped me to highlight my VALUE, but gave me ways to show the world. I have been short-selling myself for years, and not wanting to address the issue due to my fears.

Sharryn has changed those ‘fears’ into positives, turned my mindset around from “I can’t” to “I CAN” in a way that makes me BELIEVE in myself. You seriously can’t go wrong with this chick.

~ Rachel Deckert

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She'll coach you in a style that will encourage you to do more than you think you are capable of...

Sharryn is a wonderful individual, fun, full of life, a woman who plays full out and a person of strong faith. With her supportive, direct honest and challenging style Sharryn will coach you in a style that will encourage you to do more than you think you are capable of at all times.   Sharryn has a lot of knowledge to share about 'life in general' through her world travels, her commitment to her faith, that of playing a wife and mother 'full out'. In addition to this, Sharryn is very knowledgeable in the area of online and direct response marketing.  

~ Andy Hall

Stefanies Testimonial

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Sharryn Ludlow..

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Sharryn Ludlow. Lately I've felt like I hit a brick wall and struggling to move forward. I reached out to Sharryn, she helped me realize I've been thinking too narrowly about my business and website. I'm feeling renewed vigor for diving back in with fresh eyes! Had to share my gratitude.

~ Stefanie Vaught



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"You challenge me to think bigger of what God might have in store for me and my family"

"You coach people to use the spiritual tools to live their God-given purpose through their businesses and passions"

"You have knowledge of the bible and it's practical application, spiritual wisdom and sensitivity, passion for seeing people saved and getting to know God through his word"

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