Why it's so hard to turn your dream into reality

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For most of us, having the dream isn’t a problem. In fact, if I asked you what you want in your life, your business or even for your spiritual growth – you’d have ideas ready to go. But the reality is, only a small percentage of people ever make that dream a reality.

You know it’s true.

The dreaming part is easy. Even creating the vision for what it’s going to look like isn’t that challenging. It’s the in-between bit where you stumble or quit.

Now right off the bat, I’m going to presume you know these essentials. These are the difference between those that get through it and those that don’t.

6 Elements to Consider

1. Faith

2. Perseverance

3. Endurance

4. Problem Solving

5. Willingness

6. Relationships

And a few other elements you can add but you get the idea.

But I want to you to realise that any dream you have has to go through PROCESS to turn that dream into reality.

Understand the process

There are 4 phases to process you’re going through to turn your dream into reality. You’ll go through these many times in your life. In fact, you might recognise them.

1. Dream

This is the exciting phase. All the ideas and possibilities are in you. 

We call this phase ‘Unconscious Incompetence’.

You don’t know what you don’t know. All you have is your vision of what you want. It’s all heart right now.

2. Distress

Of course you know challenges are going to show up. You bump into your own limitations and opposition. Most people never get through this phase, they quit. But if you know what to look for, you can recognise it as a phase quicker and take action to move forward.

We call this phase ‘Conscious Incompetence’.

You become aware of all the ways you could fail.

This is when it’s perfect timing to get a coach or a mentor. They help you with strategy and support. Helping you grow in confidence to persevere.

3. Development

Now you’re juggling a lot of elements. Things are happening and you’re following instructions to develop your skills. It’s a time of focus and intention to understand what needs to take place.

We call this phase ‘Conscious Competence’.

You’re well into the process now where things grow and change come together.

4. Demonstration

You’ve got through the process. Now you’re an authority in that area, you’ve mastered what you needed to know. That whole phase has equipped you in a whole new way. You have developed confidence and mastery to help others through what you experienced.

We call this phase ‘Unconscious Competence’.

Now this comes natural to you. You don’t even think about all the steps you have to take, you’ve achieved your goal and the joy of achievement is yours.

Until, of course, you start your next phase!

Keep the vision!

So, what is your dream?

The dream is awesome! The vision is essential. That is what is going to pull you through the whole process that you’re going to go through to get it.

Like the scripture tells us about Jesus ‘for the joy set before him he endured the cross’. He knew he was going to go through all the challenges to achieve his goal. The vision was what sustained Him.

Keep the process in mind and have faith. Set your intentions and develop your endurance.

You have every opportunity of making your dream turn into reality.

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