Grace and Confidence is on a mission to equip and mobilise emerging entrepreneurs and business leaders who have the ideas and desires to do big things with God but need the strategies combined with the biblical training and faith environment to make it happen.

Where Faith, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Come Together!


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There's something powerful about the person who knows who they are, where they are going, what they want to achieve! Grace and Confidence is all about helping people to be just that!

Whether you are building your business, or navigating life choices or determined to become a greater leader - you need to be grounded in vision, purpose and the mindset of a warrior. 

No one said it would be easy but travelling the journey together certainly makes it far more powerful!

Helping you with the spiritual tools and practical advice to live your God-given purpose.

Meet the Founder

Sharryn Ludlow is a mentor, entrepreneur, speaker, and passionate provocateur for living a full life of purpose and impact.

With over 27 years of business, marriage, ministry and leadership, Sharryn mentors and equips purpose focused people into achieving success, God's way. 

With biblical frameworks, practical advice and strategic planning, she has been helping people from around the world live their God-given purpose.

About Sharryn
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