Helping you with spiritual tools and practical advice to live your God-given purpose.


Confident and prepared to do what needs to be done

Who is God leading you to be?


Far too often we let our past, doubts, comparisons and inadequacies keep us living a small life. But God has designed you for more.

Your identity, your purpose, your life is much bigger than you realise. It's time to stop selling yourself short, time to dare to believe God for the big things!

What does that look like for you?

Whether you are building your business, navigating life choices or determined to become a great leader you need to have a clear way forward and the wisdom to know what to focus on and when.

It's your time to embrace the fullness of who you are called to be and let your light shine.

To be intentional about your God-given purpose! You know it's not just about you, it's about something much bigger, it's what you can do for God and for others.

The 'why' that drives Grace and Confidence

'The people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits' 


What I know is this. God has called and enabled you to be one of those who is full of faith with a warrior like spirit.  You're not for the ordinary life like people who do not know God. 

But this life has a way of making you so busy you have little time for God. You get distracted with all the things you should be doing and the feelings of stress and overwhelm are never far away. Your mind can easily become a place of indecision and doubts. You already know something is not right.

Here at Grace and Confidence the goal is to help you to the one who 'knows God' and is strong; to grow your faith and be strategic and successful in your business and passions.

Through teaching, coaching, mentoring and consulting, you will be inspired to go deeper than you have gone before and think bigger than you thought you could. That is the space where all things are possible!

"With her supportive, direct honest and challenging style Sharryn will coach you in a style that will encourage you to do more than you think you are capable of at all times.."



Life has its challenges but with God it gets exciting.

Sharryn Ludlow is a mentor, entrepreneur, speaker, and passionate provocateur for living a full life of purpose and impact.

With over 27 years of business, marriage, ministry and leadership, Sharryn mentors and equips purpose focused people into achieving success, God's way. 

With biblical frameworks, practical advice and strategic planning, she has been helping people from around the world live their God-given purpose.

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