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Let’s take a look at what the comfort zone does.

We are in familiar territory when we are in our comfort zone. It doesn’t mean that we like being there, or that we’re happy. Some examples might be:

  • stay in a dead end job, for certainty of pay check.
  • sacrifice happiness for dead end relationship - level
    of certainty in knowing what we have.
  • be out of shape or overweight - we know how to live overweight and not work out, it’s the comfort zone. 

None of these things serve us. They keep us stuck, unable to move past the brick walls.

On the other hand...

A comfort zone might serve you greatly.

  • You might also like the comfort of a stable business. So you’re driven to work hard to build a stable business.
  • A comfort of a strong family bond, so you work hard to maintain that.
  • An active and healthy life-style, so you work out hard to be happy

This need for comfort and stability can be met different ways. It can either drive you forward or keep you stuck - it just depends on how you’re getting the need met.


  • Some people get their need met by taking control over what happens next. Predict the next step. This is where they map, plan and calculate everything. Spreadsheets or lists to make sure they are in total control and secure.

    Sometimes these ways serve us greatly but also recognise when this can backfire - when you are controlled by it so you cannot take risk or step forward because it hasn’t been totally planned out.

  • The other way is if we try to control people around us. It’s the need for certainty.

  • Some people have different practices that give them that. For many people it’s the practice of faith, belief in God. This is what grounds you and gives you a sense of certainty and confidence to step forward without knowing all the answers.

  • Others will feel a sense of assurance and certainty by having different types of practices in their business. These practices might take away the worry about where the next client will come. It’s this behaviour that creates a sense of security. 

Notice how you have activities in your life and business that make you feel more certain. Personally and professionally.

When this need is not being met, when we are not feeing certain, secure, comfortable. What starts to happen?

  • We start to get a little frantic or obsessive.
  • Our nerves start to go crazy.
  • We get beads of sweat or bite our nails.
  • Our words might not come out right because we’re
    nervous. Our actions shift or change because we’re not certain.

It alters the way we go into an activity.

What happens to you when that happens?

What can you do in that moment when you feel the nerves going off to bring you back to a place of certainty and comfort?

In that moment you can either allow yourself to move forward in that discomfort - which means you’ll go racing back to the comfort zone. You go from being fearless to fearful.

Find a way when you’re facing that uncomfortable, insecure moment - to move forward.

These keys can help you continue to move forward instead of moving into this trap and going back to the old habit or way of doing things.

This is a great advantage of working with a coach, they can help support you as you break out of your comfort zone and into the big life you are looking to step into. You can read more about the services here at Grace and Confidence here.

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