Your Purposeful Driven Life is Calling

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Sometimes it's easy to get stuck in our day to day and push aside that longing for a purposeful driven life.

But what if what is uniquely brought forward in you could really make a difference at the right moment, in the right place?

Someone, waiting for something that is only able to be activated because of your involvement. 

Are satisfied with settling for a small life? It's time to stop settling and start to live in alignment with your passion and purpose.

No more being scared to dream too big, terrified of the unknown and not really convinced of your own personal value.

It is possible that you're still in the growth phase of reaching your full potential. You could be the person that is doing whatever you can to stretch yourself to live that intangible idea. That's where I consider myself - always in the growing and development phase of life, reaching for the out-working of my reason for being alive.

Personally I made the decision to say 'yes' to ideas and opportunities, even when I was not guaranteed an outcome. It has led me to travelling to over 20 nations, to starting businesses, creating events, speaking publicly and so much more. The ideas were big and scary but I found indecision and fear were much worse than going for it because in the DOING I really did make a difference.

Does that sound very grand to you?

I can guarantee you, for every one person that says 'Yes, that's me' another 10 will be thinking 'I have no bigger purpose, I just want to make ends meet and live in peace'.

What a tragic waste of potential. I trust that is not you.

Every single individual human being ever born had and has had the capacity for amazing impact and an incredible capacity to influence and better their life.

There is no excuse, no hurdle, no lack, no dis-function that is reason enough to you to give up on your purpose as though what you have to live for doesn't count.

Someone, somewhere, will be better off for what you bring to this world. Absolutely, positively. 

I'm pretty passionate about this. Can you tell? This is why I enjoy coaching and working alongside people who want more than just financial gain or fame, they want to make a difference.

Once after speaking as a guest on a podcast in another country, I received an email from someone who had listened. There words were full of thanks because what they heard had touched them to the point of tears and helped them believe they could create change for themselves. Oh my heart! 

We have one life. It's our duty to do our best - not only for ourselves but also for those around us.

Let's not waste the opportunity. It's important that we focus on our legacy, our significance and our contribution to those around us. It's not just about you - it's about everyone else too.

I'd love to hear from you about what you're going to start doing today to align yourself with your purpose. What are you going to bravely start to imagine and do?

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