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Recently I interviewed female entrepreneurs about starting and building a business. What I loved about all the interviews was the integrity of their journeys. From idea to start up and onto successful, six figure plus business owners.

Afterwards I surveyed those that participated. 62.5% of people said their biggest realisation was for ’the need for more focus and decision making’.

I get it. As an entrepreneur we are all at different stages of success.

Knowing what to focus on is critical at the right time

In fact, according to a fantastic past mentor of mine, Todd Herman, there are 5 stages of business growth. He wrote a great article about it which I encourage you to read if you are serious about building your business.

Most entrepreneurs are stumbling around not knowing what to do next. In fact, I was that person going from program to program. It was addictive.

Following every bright shiny object that I thought would make me successful was fun. I thought I could build my business using all the free information out there and that I’d figure it out on the way.

I had no idea how faulty this thinking was.

Faulty thinking creates struggle and failure.

For one thing, it showed a real poverty mindset. Little did I know that my thinking restricted me, made me act small and full of lack. As a result, I didn’t want to invest in myself.

Another issue was I failed to understand was the value of connecting with experience. I could have saved myself time and money to get results faster with more clarity.

A huge flaw was that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Therefore, I stumbled around instead of discovering how to ask or answer tough questions, even how to strategically think about building a business or becoming profitable.

This is why a coach is so valuable.

Can you can relate to how I was thinking? Are you holding yourself back from your own success too?

Women tend to approach business from a more emotional place than men. It’s about how we feel and what we think. And sure, that can be asset but it is also a massive hinderance. This is why we flourish in community with good leadership. We need it to challenge ourselves and move forward through each stage of business.


The 5 stages of business are:

1. Dream up

There is no business yet – only a dream, idea, or a desire for one.

2. Start up

Your business is in that place where sales have started to come in. You found a pocket a customers or clients, and the excitement of having your business has begun.

3. Ramp up

This is that point along the path of scaling up your business. Where sales and profits are giving you the opportunity to breathe a lot easier.

4. Scale up

Getting past the ‘skill ceiling’ of being shackled to daily activities. Accessing ‘Human Resources’.

5. Leader up

You’re at the top of the mountain and a leader in the market.

I’ll let you read his article for more thorough descriptions. In his training he shares the key activities and actions for each stage.

Enjoy his free training series and consider the 90 day year program itself. This could be your secret weapon for focus and results over the next year.

You need a competitive advantage

The crucial thing to learn is this: at each stage of business, you have to know WHAT to focus on and WHEN to focus on it. This gives you a competitive advantage and is a quicker path to making the money you want. And I know that’s what you’re trying to achieve right?

Instead of jumping from website building to list building, podcasts, video’s, FB live, social media, product creation, events, programs and you-name-it activity – stop, focus on the RIGHT thing and build right for your stage of business.

Over 62% said focus and decision making is a priority. So now you know, you have an incredible opportunity to do something about it. 

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