Their words hurt her and her confidence was shaken

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Confidence is that emotional part of us that can go up and down can’t it? We’ve all had shaken confidence if someone says even a few words that hit our heart.

Their words hurt her and her confidence was shaken

A lady recently shared with me her story about this.

She was so excited about her business idea to help other women. So she was sharing her ideas with some people she thought would be encouraging. The thing is, these people should have been the ones saying go for it, however, instead they said some careless words. Probably not even realising those words had the power to really wound her heart and mind.

I felt for her having experienced the same thing. Unfortunately, I’d let it affect me so much that I held myself back way too long.

After doing a lot of personal development I understood that I had given them the power to effect me that way.

Well, this lady didn’t let the hurt stay for long. She took charge of her mind and emotions, and reclaimed her confidence – and followed her passion to start her business.

I absolutely love how she told her story from shaken confidence to strength.

So I thought of you.

You need to guard your confidence

No matter what your circumstance, decide to be courageous, grow in your confidence and let it be your shield against those words that may come to destroy your day.

Activating your potential and having a personal growth plan – being intentional about what you allow inside of you – means that day by day your confidence will become so rock solid it will be hard to shake.

WHO you ARE shows up in EVERYTHING you DO.

It’s dealing with the INNER VOICE where you win those battles.

So to get what you want, to achieve what you want, to be strong and influence others you need to up your self-improvement. Grow YOU. Build your faith. Trust what God says about you over what people say.

As you grow in strength and confidence, you will influence and impact others.

You must continually be adding to yourself to become your best. Consider these things:

  • What are you reading?
  • Is there a great podcast that you’re listening to?
  • Who are you spending time with?
  • Do they inspire you to think and act big?
  • Are you writing things down, as ideas come to you, as God speaks?

If you haven’t developed yourself in these areas, start today. Because in a month from now, you’ll already be that much further ahead.

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