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Over the years one of the habits I have cultivated is reflection. I like to be aware of the decisions I’ve made, where I’ve come from and where am I heading. The older I get the more I value this habit because I can see the evidence of its effort in my life.

In a year like 2020, where we are constantly hearing numbers of the sick and dying, where fear and anxiety are at all-time highs and people are worried about their future, it’s so important to take the time and to be aware of what you’re thinking.

You don’t want to be so busy ‘existing’ or reacting to things that you end up not heading anywhere deliberately, nor learning the lessons from your past to expand your understanding.

Make Time for Thinking

There is a beautiful quote I use often

'For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…' (Proverbs 23:7).

The skill and art of clear thinking should be the gold standard of what you aim for. Because if you do not take the time to be aware of how and what you think, you will be influenced, led and overwhelmed out of God’s plan for your future.

 And why does that matter? God’s plan? Because this is what He says about it

‘For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.' (Jeremiah 29:11)

God has thoughts for you. From before you were conceived, right through to your expected end. And the scriptures are full of those thoughts; healing, blessing, joy, peace, increase and so much more.

Thinking the right thoughts will transform your life!

Listen to this quote from a man by the name of Henry Drummond, who was a scholar, and was sought after for his genius and intellect and who stated his secret formula for it;

'Ten minutes spent in Christ’s society every day, aye, two minutes, will make the whole day different' Multiply one day by every day and add the cumulative effect of habit and the changed mental outlook, and you will understand how this brief period faithfully observed can change everything, even your entire life.' (Quoted by Norman Vincent Peale).

Stop accepting the status quo

There is a horrible inertia that can creep in your life when you don’t make the time to be aware and to grow. It’s an acceptance that this is life, and this is how it is, and I’ve tried but it cannot change. It comes like a cloud over your soul and weighs you down with its resistance and heaviness.

But when you make that time, to really think and to dream and plan for your future, and growing in understanding of what the scriptures reveal about God and what He has planned, you’ll find that within you comes an expansion of confidence. An inner strength and knowing develops. The ‘sound-mind’ that is born out intentional and focused thinking and learning.


I had to learn this the hard way. For many years, particularly when my children were babies, I was in complete reactive mode. I had every excuse in the book why I was living like that. Lack of sleep, busy days, not enough money and all the rest. It meant a few years of really feeling frustrated and stuck, which led to angst in relationships and other disappointments.

Until one day God challenged me to choose. In essence, to choose my future.

From that time I developed this habit of focusing and learning, reflecting and taking time to think. It transformed my life. Thinking, reading, learning and taking action toward that direction. That’s how I started my first business, went on to my second e-commerce store, travelled the world for God’s plans and started coaching and mentoring others. It all came out of that possibility thinking and discovering, believing, the things God is leading me into.

That’s why I understood Mr Peale’s statement because it’s mine too:

'Men have long been told to ‘have faith’. What I purpose to do… is to show how to have faith. My purpose is to help every person …to acquire spiritual skill that he may develop a useful, effective and satisfying life. I believe most people would like to have the benefits given by faith. Their trouble is they do not know how. They are ignorant of the technique of faith and hence are unable to practice it. The average man vaguely feels that religion has sources of power available to him but does not know any workable method for tapping this power.'

Prioritise the time to think and choose to have faith

You and I have the same amount of time in the day, the same calendar, the same life-force within us. Our differences come in how we use that time and what we prioritise as crucial for our future.

You live your life as though you have lots of tomorrows but in essence you truly only have TODAY. You are here, alive, in the here and now. Value it. Nurture it. Take time to appreciate today and do the things you know you need to do to be even greater tomorrow.

You have the capacity within you to do so much. Spend the time thinking and learning so you can utilise every part of it.

And should you come to the realisation that you need to work with someone who can come alongside you, help you unravel those thoughts and dreams, give you the space to make decisions and keep you accountable, then I may just be the coach for you. Check out the details and apply today.

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