5 things you need to know about clarifying your vision

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It's time for creating your vision. When the end of the year rolls around often goal setting and New Years resolutions are the topics of conversation. You start thinking about the changes that you want to make or the things you dream of achieving.

Napoleon Hill, in the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, says this

‘whatever a mind can conceive and believe it can achieve’.

It’s a powerful statement isn’t it?

If you can think it, imagine it, believe it.. then it moves into the possible realm.

So in essence, once it’s possible, it’s in your hands.

The creative power of the universe, which comes from the creator Himself, is available to you. When you receive ideas and believe, the possibility of what you can achieve emerges. This is why the bible talks so much about faith. It’s not enough to have ideas, you have to believe to take action and achieve it.

So what are your ideas for this year?
  • Start a business?
  • Develop your career to expand your influence and income?
  • Step up and become a better version of yourself?
  • Increase your skills as a leader?

Discovering my own vision over time

When I had children part of creating my vision included being intentional about making decisions for them. Each one is unique, with different skills, abilities and design. My vision was to facilitate what God purposed for them and to create an environment for them to flourish.

I remember when my kids were at the point of moving from primary school to secondary school. I would pray and ask God where to send them, what would be best for them. Then I would start looking and researching. My husband and I would visit schools and check within ourselves if we felt it was right for them or not. Then we would make a decision.

Did that mean the decision was final and not able to change?

Absolutely not.

In fact, my eldest son changed schools 3 times for his senior years. What we knew to be right for him had changed. The vision had not changed but the path we chose did. So we had to make the tough decisions and be flexible enough to go with the upgrade.

Developing your life, career or faith demands the same type of ability to allow for change. The ideas come. They come with the big picture, the core of what could be. But the execution might need some shifting to bring them into the achievement zone.

What are the 5 things you need to know about creating your vision?

1. Your vision will change

It’s the nature of all visions that they will need to adapt and develop over time. Nothing is set in stone. You’ll be able to refine what your thoughts are and get clearer on what you need to do to accomplish it.

Don’t fight the need for change. Embrace it so you can move towards actually achieving your big idea.

2. Trust your gut

Inside each one of us are instincts. They are God-given drivers that help us to make decisions and get a sense of direction. Be prepared to pivot when your gut tells you to, or to commit 100% to the plan as it is. Your gut reaction is a powerful component to creating your vision.

3. Clarity comes through action

Thought by itself cannot create anything. In fact, if you think too long on things it will get foggy and you’ll be able to make clear decisions. This is where I have failed the most. I tend to over-think everything. Over-strategise.

Real clarity comes when you start to take action. Even when that action is not perfect or completely planned out. It’s often in the doing of something that you figure out what comes next.

4. Be flexible but hold the vision

As I said in 1. Things are going to change, it’s inevitable. So you need to grow in your ability to be flexible. Being flexible doesn’t mean you change everything on a whim.

Flexibility means that you are allowing for opportunity to do things better. It allows for new tweaks or ideas to enhance what you’re working on.

The important thing here is that you remember to hold your vision. The journey may go along different paths but what you’re trying to achieve stands firm.

5. Suspend the need to know

I wish I had learned this earlier. It felt like I couldn’t do anything until I knew everything I needed to know. So I kept learning and doing training, and talking to everyone to get their opinions. A lot of time was wasted.

The fact is, you don’t need to know everything to start achieving your vision. You need action with intention and courage.

This is the element of faith is it not? Being able to believe in what you don’t yet see and what you can’t yet touch. Trusting that God has your back and is cheering on your success.

Confidence develops as you take action and create the change that you’re after. It’s the only way into achievement.

Conceive, believe and then achieve

And for Napoleon Hill, the way into that, is to THINK.

Take time out to just think. No other distractions. Just you, a pen and paper, and ideally, a conversation with God.

Be intentional about creating space for yourself and the ideas that are yours. Start to dream. What do you want your life to look like? Don’t let anything stop you from creating your vision.

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