10 powerful marketing tips to get clients who love you

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Marketing is a skill you and I both need to get good at.

If you have no clients you have no business. If you have a message that needs to reach a lot of people – say you’re an author, a ministry, holding an event, how do you reach them? How do you become known so that people buy from you.

There’s also the added challenge of how to do it without being ‘salesy’. Or without throwing thousands of dollars at something that might not work.

After being in business myself for over 14 years I know what it’s like to lose money and time in marketing. But I’ve also seen its power. Incredible results come from consistency, creativity and being willing to invest and learn.

So I decided to interview successful business owners and find out what had worked for them. I took their advice, added to it what I had learned, and came up with this list.

This isn’t a definitive guide to marketing. It’s a list to spark off some ideas for you to create momentum in your business and get more sales.


Here are my 10 powerful marketing tips to get clients who love you:


#1 Live Stream Video

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope and I’m sure there are others. These platforms are all part of a huge push towards live video. That means there is greater access to people for less money (or even for free).

Facebook algorithms are favouring live video above all other content right now. So if you want to get your Page in front of lots more people, start to get strategic about using live video.

Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t over plan.  Always think of the customer first – what problems do they have? what’s a tip that would help them? what’s a funny story you can relate? Be YOU!

#2 Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are still the cheapest way of getting in front of a huge audience.

If you’re a local business, ads can be for as little as $5 a day focused to your postcode and specific groups of people. If you’re an online enterprise you can start small and target little niche’s to test who responds. Then add to your budget as you see more results.

#3 Solve a problem for your customer with a free gift

  • What is your customer googling?
  • What is making them look everywhere for ideas?
  • Where are they finding their solutions?
  • How can you show up with a your own unique way of solving that problem?

Once you decide on ONE solution, create a free offer that focus’s on solving that problem so that you can share it. Have a place where they can go to give their name and address to access your solution.

Direct all your marketing to that page so you can showcase your offer and, at the same time, build your email list.

#4 Create a quiz

How many times have you done a quiz on Facebook? People love to interact and find out things about themselves, even if it’s for fun.

You can think of ways your audience might like to engage in a quiz.

#5 Share your story

Relationships are a key part of marketing.

The goal is that people come to know, like and trust you. They need to see and believe that are genuine and that you can help them. Opening up, showing who you are, can move people from indecision to buying from you.

Of course, not everything is appropriate to share. The more you research and know who you are serving, the better you’ll get at figuring it out.

#6 Create a way to share your tips

If you can offer a quick win for people it’s part of the process of building relationship and showing how you serve. A list of ideas can help spark imagination and get them results. It allows them to know you bring value that can solve their problem or help them succeed.

#7 Business cards with a CTA

Everything you do should have a CTA (Call To Action). You want to give people something to do to engage with you further. It should be on your website, in your email, in your video’s, in your links and on your business cards.

Make sure you offer your quick win free gift. An example may be: ‘Avoid unwanted taxes this year, get your tip sheet at X.com’. This is where your free gift comes in. It helps direct people to your offer whether it’s online or offline.

#8 Partner with someone else

There is a saying ‘two heads are better than one’. Meaning that partnership can lead to powerful results.

Think of a business or product that is complimentary to what you have. How can you create a partnership and make an offer that works for both of you?

You could create an event (online or offline), you could offer discounts or any number of things. It helps your marketing with the combined effort and offer.

#9 Build a community

Today it is easy to open up a Facebook group and start to build a community around how you serve others. This is a fabulous way of getting to know your potential customers.

You can learn what help they need and showcase your solutions. All you need is 1000 true fans. There is some strategy involved with building community but you can learn how.

Anyone with a real heart for serving people, offering a solution and a willingness to be a leader can learn how to do it. It’s a powerful marketing tool for any developing business or idea.

#10 Host an event

After hosting my own Summit, I personally love this one. Creating an event that helps other people is a win/win.

Firstly it helps you to build a network. It connects you with people you want to learn from or that have a product/service you love.

Secondly, it helps your audience. You share the tips, ideas and strategies that help solve their need. ​

Thirdly, you can discover more about yourself and what you want to do in your business. Doing things outside of your comfort zone helps you to grow and learn. It helps you figure out what you want more of and what you do not want.

Fourthly, and very importantly, it a great marketing tool for your endeavours. It makes you step out from the shadows and people get to know you a bit more (that’s what I heard anyway!!).

Getting yourself out there and known is part of your job as an entrepreneur. So you need to put a plan into action.

I challenge you to sit down and brainstorm how you can use these ideas in your marketing for the next 90 days.  Put it on a calendar, measure your results and tweak as you go. At the end of 90 days look at what has moved the needle for you in your business.


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