Permission to Succeed

What is possible for you with God? Get the clarity you need, and the direction you deserve to walk confidently in your purpose.
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Are you ready to experience the powerful life that God has for you, but don't know if it’s true for you? Maybe you're a passionate Christian, but having trouble getting past the “stuff” that holds you back. Be honest - are you constantly struggling to feel good enough, with your past failures and bad experiences, doubting if God will help you but holding onto some hope that maybe there is a way for you?

Hey, you might even be wondering if the things you desire and dream of are right for you in this particular season, or at all period.

If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, then Permission to Succeed is for you.

This incubator-style course will give you the strategy and direction you're seeking in transforming the struggles into Godly success. Whether it be zeroing in on some stumbling blocks or moving forward with confidence in your purpose, Permission to Succeed will help move you out of the space of inaction and indecisiveness.

So if you're ready to step into the ‘all things are possible’ zone, get spiritually real, and get excited about your future - I'm happy to have you!

Your Trainer

Sharryn Ludlow is a mentor, entrepreneur, speaker, and passionate provocateur for living a full life of purpose and impact.

With over 27 years of business, marriage, ministry and leadership, Sharryn mentors and equips purpose focused people into achieving success, God's way. 

With biblical frameworks, practical advice and strategic planning, she has been helping people from around the world live their God-given purpose.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Anything is Possible

Module 2: The Big Picture

Module 3: Revealing Some Stumbling Blocks

Module 4: The Truth About Success

Module 5: Permission to Succeed

Plus Bonus Content

Practical Productivity Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Permission to Succeed

Get immediate access to the videos, downloadable audios and two printable guides to help you take lots of notes! 

What participants are saying..

"What a powerful course! With such passion and life changing content. Showing us through the power of God and being in the faith zone, you can achieve anything and our capacity is unlimited. Also revealing our stumbling blocks stopping us from achieving. As well as 10 fantastic practical tips."  Maryanne


"Sharryn's passion for trusting God in every aspect of life and business is infectious and inspiring. Speaking biblical wisdom into encouragement for next steps and common hurdles is invaluable!" Taryn


"I joined this course as I'm always eager to know about how to get closer to Jesus. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to know where they stand with Jesus, and to anyone who has any question as to whether God wants them to succeed. This course was a wonderful confirmation of everything I've learnt, the hard way, over the last few years. I only wish I'd had access to it years ago." Amanda


"It was sharp, honest, encouraging and full of passion. This is deep and it challenges you to look to the Lord." Carmel

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Permission to Succeed is designed for you to be inspired, empowered and encouraged to believe God for your future. See you on the inside!

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