What is Prayer?

Jesus said 'When you pray...'

Sometimes I think about what it would have been like to be there when Jesus, the Messiah, was speaking and teaching, revealing the Kingdom of God. He seemed to speak in mysteries and yet he demonstrated what he said. Powerfully!

So, why is it almost impossible to find a Christian that is like him in todays world?

What have we not understood?

Do we even truly aspire to his example?

We have His words but still, do we really hear or seek to understand what he is saying? 

In my searching the scriptures and studying them in a deep way I have come to realise that many of us have been at a disadvantage, not knowing what the text actually reveals. 

But oh what a difference when we do! We get to know GOD Himself. It is transformational.

What is there to discover about effectual prayer?

Let me give you example. In our study we looked at the word 'pray'. Did you know for the one simple word in English there are at least 5 different meanings and uses for it in the Greek language?

So we read 'pray' but originally we were being told something far more specific and powerful?

Recently, during a Facebook live, I found myself inviting anyone interested in how I study the scriptures, the tools I use, how I look for resources and the kind of thinking and analysing I do about what I read. A group of people signed up straight away and off we went.

Over the next four weeks we went deep. The feedback was beautiful. They were all excited about the bible and what they had discovered for themselves!

Now, I want to give you access and share with you the concepts, tools and resources so you can do it for yourself. 

Hi, I'm Sharryn

For years I would read about effective Christians and be in awe of what they did and knew. They made the bible come alive and I wanted to find my way into this powerful life with Jesus too.

So I studied, I travelled to nations and saw the preaching and the miracles, I sought those that are truly anointed and read all the books to gain understanding. I didn't want to just have the label of 'Christian' and I'm just crazy enough to believe the bible, and its text, is 100% true.

And what I have learned, I share because through it all I have come to know God - and let me tell you, the more I grasp, the more I realise how much there is yet to know. To be effective, and to help you be effective, as a representative of the Kingdom of God is a great passion of mine. That's how this study came about.

This is by no means a conventional way of studying the scriptures so grab a coffee, a pen and paper, and let's allow the Spirit of God to teach some of those deep things He has for us.


"You have knowledge of the bible and it's practical application, spiritual wisdom and sensitivity, passion for seeing people saved and getting to know God through his word"

What is beautifully discovered in the study?

Module 1

Prayer! What is it?
One word in English, 5 Words in Greek!

Module 2

Who are we praying to?
Examining powerful examples of Prayer.

Module 3

Understanding your positioning
Lord, Teach us to pray! 

Module 4

Effective Praying and examining the Armour of God
The Truth about Thanksgiving

Effectual Prayer


A deep dive bible study that helps you get to know God

  • One month study, four modules
  • Additional resources
  • Guided how to use the resources
  • Self-paced study
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Thank you Sharryn for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and faith . I feel in these times as Christians we need to go deeper and gain a head and heart knowledge of who God really is and stir up a faith of what He can do .. I know I need to grasp more of Him and His power and what He is capable of in my life and the world around us 🙏🏻

Diane Miller, UK

Oh, I love this type of deep teaching. It’s hard to find these days.

Amanda Heal, Australia


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