Go Beyond Your Limits

As a life and business coach, Sharryn brings a faith-based perspective to her consulting services. 

When you are ready for the support, accountability and strategic help you need - regardless of whether your ideas are still vague or whether you've started and need to go to the next level.

Consulting Services

Unlock your potential, pursue your passion or monetise your mission and life. Sharryn's consulting draws from 26+ years of international ministry, business and ongoing education and mentoring.

Discovery Call

You need to run through your ideas, create focus and strategy and put a plan in place. This 30 minute session is focused and actionable. You’ll know what to do next to achieve your goals.

* 30 minute session via Video or Skype

* Ideal for specific focused questions or gaining clarity.

Strategy Session

You want to optimise your planning and bounce ideas. You will start this session having already filled out the questionnaire so we can get straight to work. A strategy will be created to help you achieve your goals.

* 1 Hour Session via Video or Skype

* Intake Questionnaire

* Follow-up email with strategy plan and action steps

* 1 week email support

Monthly Accountability Partner

Let’s face it. You need serious help to stay focused and accountable to achieving what you say you want. You are overwhelmed with everything you could be doing and you keep starting over or changing your mind. You are far away from the results you dream of.

I help you  strategise a plan and then by creating an accountability weekly checkin via email. This helps you create the focus and momentum to overcome the hurdles you run into.   It’s for when you want to develop your own skills to going pro with support to keep you on track.

* 90 minute Strategy Session via Video

* Intake Questionnaire

* Follow-up email with strategy plan and action steps

* Weekly Accountability Checkin via Email

* 2 15 minute checkin calls through the month

* 1 month email support

Schedule a Call - Let's Talk

If you are seeking personalized 1on1 business or spiritual coaching to grow your business and your faith we got you covered. Apply below for a complimentary Discovery Call to see which package is best for you.


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