A biblical guide for pursuing your God-given purpose

Never settle for mediocrity.  Believe what is possible.

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God wants Women to Succeed

Woven throughout the bible from Genesis right through are the stories of women that have intervened in history for God.

He loves them. He includes them in all his plans. They have changed the fate of men and nations. 

They are not oppressed, nor are the second-class. They are valued and they have liberty.

From years of conversations with Christian women the reality is this: many struggle with what is right and wrong, with how to relate to their husbands biblically when they want to do so much and even if it's ok if that doesn't look like what anyone else is doing.

That's why this guide was created, to give you peace and clarity. It's called:

The Proverbs 31 Woman:
God is for you to succeed
A biblical guide for pursing your
God-given purpose.

In this biblical guide you are brought through a basic language study in Proverbs 31 and into other areas of scripture, to enable you to think and believe what is possible for YOU, the woman that loves God.