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You know it’s time to transition from where you are today to where you want to be!

Here at Grace and Confidence it's all about helping purpose-driven people from a faith based perspective with coaching, mentoring or training. 

Purpose-driven people know what it’s like to have big ideas, lots of them! Ideas usually aren’t the problem. It’s having the clear thinking and strategy to take all of those dreams and make great decisions that get’s you stuck.  That's where Sharryn can help!


About Sharryn Ludlow, Founder and CEO of GraceandConfidence.com

Sharryn mentors and equips individuals, entrepreneurs and visionaries to achieve clarity, confidence and the ability to make better decisions. She is passionate about helping people maintain and expand their faith while moving towards their goals. She is well-known for her ability to communicate with enthusiasm, passion and humour. Her coaching skills and wealth of knowledge in the areas of personal performance and leadership have grown from years in small business, church and non-profit sector. She attributes her success with clients to three factors, all equally important:

1. Leadership Experience: Sharryn has 'walked the talk'. She is a successful business owner, has traveled globally and had leadership positions in nonprofit, church and business sectors. She relates easily to people, asks powerful questions and helps them find real solutions.

2. Academic Background: Sharryn is a constant learner. In spite of having no formal university degree, she has done numerous development courses in finance, event management, marketing, business and productivity. She continues expanding her knowledge base in areas of personal growth, leadership development and business growth. 

3. Commitment To Excellence: While no credentials makes a great coach, Sharryn is committed to client success and has the skills to deliver real solutions. She is a certified John Maxwell Team Member as an independent Coach, Speaker and Trainer.


Hey, I’m Sharryn - a petite, faith advocate, coffee-addict and passionate catalyst for transformation and the activation of your best God designed life!

I love helping people make their dreams come true, even if so far it's been unachievable or unattainable. To be a partner in faith, to help others transform the challenges into wins and to inspire them to become all that God desires them to be. 

From a farm outside of Melbourne into the nations of the world, I’ve experienced what is possible when you dare to believe God. I married, have 3 gorgeous children (now adults) and travelled in Australia and throughout the world living a powerful life. But after incredible experiences I had the biggest personal crash. I had not guarded myself or learned to handle the changes in my life. My family, faith and well being suffered. It took God and a determined decision to turn things around.

I committed myself to learning. I’d already had years of offline marketing experience but the internet opened a whole lot of new opportunities. I started an e-commerce health store. Continually investing in my business education and growing in skills. My second business was a children’s clothing e-commerce store with offline sales and events. Then in late 2014 I launched into life and business coaching, helped by my certification from John Maxwell. Life is fun, helping others succeed. 

GraceandConfidence.com now helps purpose-driven people with

*the clarity around steps to take to get to where they want to be,

*the accountability and the mind-space to do the things they know to do,

*finding a happy place with where they want to be in the future and what they need to be doing now,

*business and marketing consulting for the more entrepreneurial inclined,

*biblical personal development and wisdom,

*with prayerful guidance when needed.

There is something about people of faith that makes them want to make an impact on the world but they can't do it alone - it helps to have support and strategy along the way.

My heart is to equip, empower and enrich your life through the word of God and the practical ideas and strategies to move your vision forward. 

You can learn more about me when you click here.



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