Do you long to know the heart of God?

Explore and Experience the Word of God so you can grow deeper in your faith  and relationship with Him.

Jesus and Coffee....what more could you ask for!

Let me help you get into the Word of God in a simple, easy way. This is a monthly membership where I'll mentor you through the bible so you can become stronger within and thrive in your knowledge of God.

Learn about the greatest love story of them all

This is your opportunity to fall in love with the Word of God. Starting in Genesis, you'll be seeing the big picture of God's heart for you and the connection of events throughout the scriptures that will equip you with the faith and strength you need for today.

Using the Bible as our foundation we'll be bringing in other resources and tools to help build understanding. Your heart will be full when you discover the meanings of words used and how much it expands your thinking.  You'll be able to see the plans of God's heart from Old Testament to New and it will help you grow strong in faith and be able to know what to do in your life.

The goal of your study is that you can thrive with faith, and that you'll know what it is to 'ride on the high places of the earth' as the scripture tells us. There is so much possible in your life but the way into it is through the wisdom and word of God. That's where the miracles comes from and the Kingdom of God is at work in your life.

I'd love to take you on a journey of discovering all about God's dream for you. The purpose and vision for you and the world. The biblical keys that cause you to thrive and the Holy Spirit that reveals to us the deep things of God. You are going to fall in love with Jesus and His Word.



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A portion of all investments are donated to ministries around the world that are on the front lines of world evangelisation so that we can make an impact for the Kingdom of God.

Hi, I'm Sharryn Ludlow

After 25 plus years involved with international Christian ministry I have some lessons to share and some knowledge to impart. I am a witness to the power of God at work in and through the people who dare to believe His Word.

God Changed My Life

In my early 20's I experienced being saved by Jesus Christ. It was a powerful moment that no-one was expecting. God took me on a journey of looking for the truth of this Christian life - the real deal. I wasn't happy to just be a church goer, I wanted to walk with Jesus Himself. 

In 1992 I found myself part of a ministry that was touching Melbourne and moving in the power of God. Over the years that work has grown into International Evangelism, touching nations from Africa to the Pacific Islands. Salvation, healing and miracles. Jesus is alive and well, and still proving himself.

Throughout the journey I have been mentored in studying the Bible. I've researched, discussed and explored the ideas and concepts of this life Jesus promised, that God has been revealing from the beginning of time.

It's become my passion to equip believers who are hungry to go deeper with the Holy Spirit than they've ever gone before. I don't have all the answers and I'm no Bible scholar, but I am passionate about sharing the power of the reality of this life with God.

A video example of exploring faith


What you'll get....

Monthly Study Session

Join a live session or watch the recording as we go deep into the Word of God, to get to know Him and the depths of His Heart like nothing else.  

Access to Members Hub

Life happens and you don't always have the time to do it all straight away. Go back to your content anytime, listen and study at your own pace and as many times as you like.

Tools and Resources

Discover tools and resources that will help you to learn how to read God's word so you can become stronger on the inside and more able to live a powerful Christian life.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes, of course. You can end your subscription yourself in the account area or simply get in contact with one of our Customer Service Members and ask them to cancel it for you. Please Note: Once you cancel your membership you will be immediately removed and have no further access. If you leave and decide to return you will then have to pay the current price of the membership.

How does the monthly membership work?
Once a month there will be a 60-90 minute Zoom Bible Study lesson - coffee is optional! There will be some opportunity for Q&A, as well as interaction through the Members Hub. The recording will be uploaded and any worksheets or reference guides made available for download.

Is it ok to ask those awkward questions that I can’t ask in other communities?
We highly encourage every member to ask the awkward questions that come up being a Christian in the modern world. We do life differently to the worldly way, so if you have a question - ask freely.

Who is Bible Study over Coffee for?
Anyone who is hungry to get into the exploration and experience of the word of God. For the person that wants to build their faith, inner strength to live a powerful life and grow deeper into relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Have a different question about Bible Study over Coffee?
Ask away! Send us a quick email at [email protected] and we'll get you an answer.

Join our Monthly Bible Study Today

Let's explore and experience the heart of God together.


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