She received her impossible miracle, so can you!

The most beautiful thing in this life is when God intervenes in a person’s life and shows that nothing is impossible. I want to share a story of exactly this. There was an incredible lady, her children had been taken, her life a mess but when she served God, an incredible miracle took place.

A number of years ago God was leading us into creating an international public event in Africa. The costs were huge and we were a relatively small group of people. There were many impossibilities ahead of us to obeying what we knew God was saying. But the decision was made, let’s do it anyway.

One of the things that was needed was sound systems that were big enough to go into a public stadium. Not only were they going to be costly but it was very difficult to get them into the country where we were heading.

While we were planning a lady came forward to offer to help. She was a business woman, new Christian, only a few months in Christ, but she wanted to do something to help to serve God, anything she could.

But what we did not know was that her life was in absolute turmoil.

When she had become a Christian, her husband had fled the country with her children, refusing her any access. She had not seen her children for many months and was so anguished in her heart.

So she demanded a deal with God. She said ‘I will organise things for you, I will find the sound systems but God must give me my children back’. Man! It’s a scary thing to have that demand. What would happen if she didn’t get her children back? But the preacher responded ‘God will give you your children back’. It was a faith statement, an agreement in the Spirit.

She got to work, made the phone calls, moved equipment across borders and helped us get the crusade under way. She helped in so many ways. Even when some groups were demanding money here and there, she said no, we are serving God, go away with your demands you should be giving, we are making this happen for God. She was a force in serving God. Getting creative to solve the problems.

Remember, her heart was in pain but she fixed her heart on Jesus. She didn’t know a lot; she was a new Christian but she went all in. She used her connections, her out of the box thinking and her work ethic to do something for God. Oh My God… such a rare thing to find in people, it makes me tear up just thinking about it.

That public event was amazing. Over 3000 people came into that place, the altar call for salvation was filled and it was beautiful to hear the stories of how God was changing lives.

As a team we flew home, filled with that joy that comes from doing something so powerful for God.

And then, sometime later, we received a phone call. She was crying, laughing, shouting praises and full of so many words. Her children had been miraculous returned to her. She had been permitted to immigrate to have them with her. They went on to be schooled in some of the top Universities of the world, powerful and beautiful Jesus people.

What is impossible with us, is an opportunity for God to reveal His power and His love for us. He cares about all the things in our life and when we give our all to Him, He pours out that love to us in miracles and more.

What is impossible for you?

Maybe your way into your miracle is to do something for God and to partner with those doing God’s work in the nations.

As a leader, as an entrepreneur, as a professional, as a parent – whatever space you find yourself, there are places of expansion in your life that you will access when you commit to God beyond your own home and your own needs.

Focus on what God is doing, be part of that, and allow Him to help you receive that impossible request. It is available for you. Believe.

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