Reading the Bible, Trusting God!

If you have never read your bible from beginning to end, can I encourage you to start today! I've made a download for Genesis to get you going - it's simple but a way to help you see your progress!
Don't read to study. Don't push yourself to understand every little thing. Just read it.
There is no schedule, no timeline.
Some days you'll read 7 verses, the next day you'll read 6 chapters. Just make a note of what you've done.
Grab a pen and underline the verses that stand out to you. (my bible is full of pen, highlighters, pencil marks!)
Another way you can do it is grab 3 highlighters and make a system for yourself. For example:
Blue - When God speaks in the first person
Pink - When God speaks through angel/messenger
Yellow - When God speaks through a human
It can help you to pay attention to different areas as you go through.
There are no rules here. The Holy Spirit is with you.
My son started this a year ago and he has only just got to Matthew. He hasn't stopped to understand all the bits but if he has a question he comes and asks me, to talk it through. As for the rest he has just read through, verse by verse.
But something happens to the person who gets into the word of God - they start to see God in a whole new way, they can put together timelines and ideas in their mind, they can read another verse and see its implications in a different place, they can see where God has upgraded from one idea to another. You become immovable because His word is in you, like a tree that is growing.
You do not need study guides, devotionals, books that explain or any other tools for this. Maybe the only thing would be a dictionary if you get stuck on a word. Be like a child!
This is a read from cover to cover. The purpose of this is to make a commitment between God and you, that you are going to seek Him in His word and trust His Spirit to open your eyes, fill your with wisdom and transform your life!
Have fun with it, it's an amazing book!

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