Practical Tools You Need To Help Grow Your Faith and Make You Strong

I have learned to love to study the bible and really get to know God in such a deep and historical, personal way.

In the beginning I did not know how. I would read a few verses and want to doze off. I'd try devotionals and feel like it never really helped me in the real world.

And then one day I was introduced to these tools by someone that had an incredible grasp of scripture. I never looked back, it changed my world.

Now I want to share with you exactly the same thing, and give you the confidence to go deeper than you've ever gone before and learn the 'deep things of God' from the scriptures for yourself.

Practical tools to help you understand your bible and strengthen your faith

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Hi, I'm Sharryn

For over 30 years now I've been a Christian, passionately involved in International Ministry, loving my family, building businesses and coaching others to do the same. The bible has become the one item I will never do without, it's treasures have transformed my life and it will do the same for you.

What others have said:

Before meeting Sharryn, I was searching for answers from the Word of God and no longer wanted to hear what man had to say, about the Word of God but what God had to say about Jesus and the Kingdom way of doing life and business.
Sharryn has helped me understand the Word of God, not through holding my hands, but by pointing me to different parts of the Word that's helped me put the pieces together and unlock the secrets hidden within.
Leaving me feeling empowered to read the Word for myself and with the physical tools to do it.
Sarah-Jane Meeson
Thank you Sharryn for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and faith. I feel in these times as Christians we need to go deeper and gain a head and heart knowledge of who God really is and stir up a faith of what He can do. I know I need to grasp more of Him and His power and what He is capable of in my life and the world around us.
Diane Miller

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