"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver, Poet

Sharryn Ludlow is a mentor, entrepreneur, speaker, and passionate provocateur for living a full life of purpose and impact.


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We all have one precious God-given life. And for many there is a stirring deep in the heart to do something that matters, to make a difference somehow and to experience what is possible.

That is me. But in truth, it's me because of what God has done in and for me.

I’ve never quite fit in the box that society likes to place you in. After all, I’ve owned businesses, travelled many nations, become a public speaker, organised many events, prayed and ministered with people, worked in the training, marketing and publishing areas, stayed married for more than 28 years, raised three children, rescued dogs and co-ordinated groups both at home and abroad. I don’t do just one thing, I'd be bored to death if I tried. 

It is all these experiences that I draw from to help others navigate their big ideas and dreams too. My life experiences and the Holy Spirit who has come into my life, equipped and empowered me, to do and be more than I ever imagined for myself. The same is available for you.


Nothing is wasted from your life. Your unique story, gifts, talents, abilities, experiences and dreams are exactly what God wants to use.


I have come to appreciate that God is the one that has shaped my life and He has sent people into my life along the way to equip me for the work. Nothing has been by accident or default.

Despite growing up in a Christian home, regularly going to church and being surrounded by lovely people it was not enough to keep me. I needed, what we all must have, to believe God myself, to be saved through Jesus Christ, and to embrace this new spiritual life that I've received. All the love of good people and well-meaning organisations cannot fulfil that.

For a number of years I abandoned all aspects of faith. Until the day came when I made the DECISION to follow Christ. I was transformed, energised and awakened to having purpose. But I knew I wanted a real and powerful life with God, the Christianity of the bible, nothing less. Oh my goodness is it rare to find! I found that most people didn’t really believe it still existed. I despaired ever experiencing it, to the point of giving up the idea as a fantasy.

And then God spoke to me, ‘Choose who you will serve’. I replied ‘God I choose you’. Within 5 minutes there was a knock at my door. Two men were there. ‘Sharryn, God told us to invite you to a prayer meeting, it’s starting now’.

To be honest, I did not want to go. Christians can be a weird lot (forgive me!) and I was wary of them. But I had just said words to God that convicted me. Had He shown up this way? Yes, He did. It was at this meeting that God connected me to a minister of the gospel, Eton Mills, that would become an example and leader for me, that the beginnings of a vision were ignited in my heart and my life would never be the same. 


Your future is tied to purpose and a calling into big things with God that can only be accessed by faith.


My story is long with many twists and turns but in short, for over 28 years I’ve been involved with international gospel ministry, and now serve as Chief Operations Officer (COO), and we have seen thousands give their life to Christ, miracles, signs and wonders. From around Australia to Zambia, Africa and through the Pacific Islands, I have been intent on fulfilling whatever it takes to be part of what God is doing in the earth, crazy enough to believe that the bible is not out of date but powerful in the hands of people with faith.

Simultaneously, married since 1992, raising three amazing adults and spreading my entrepreneurial wings. From e-commerce to business coaching and personal development training, I’ve been across a number of industries and enjoy the constant development of skill and relationships that have come into my life. Part of that has been receiving training and certification from the John Maxwell Leadership Team.

The challenges have been many but they are what mature you. I became very intentional about what I focused on, who I listened to, who I spoke to and how I made decisions. I treasure the Holy Spirit and the anointing of God to do things that, in the natural, are just not possible. The bible became my foundation. I didn’t just read it; I studied it and pulled it apart, and researched and pulled in other resources. The learning plus the experiences have allowed a growth within me that is impossible to shake. These spiritual things are more real than all the ‘reality’ we fight to create.


You can decide to implement and strategically activate the God-given purpose for your future.


My heart craves to see Gods people rise up with His Spirit, in strength and wisdom. To not be content with the ordinary, baby stage of faith that stays in the struggles, doubts, fears and limitations. But to be mature, able to stand for God in the big things, to handle the ‘meat’ of what is available and to be equipped for the work He has for them. If I can provoke that in you then I am happy.

As I work with people I can see that there are warriors being conscripted into the plans of God. These ones aren't content with the success the world offers, they want to walk with God and know that what they are heading into is part of the 'deep things of God' they are called into.  These are the ones that make every minute count in this ‘one wild and precious life’ .

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